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Christmas Gifts: Bloom & Nora

The Gift of fluff this Christmas

If you are anything like me, then the thought of someone giving you some muff fluff for Christmas will fill you with joy! I really don’t need more ‘stuff’ in my life (or my house) so something practical, and most importantly, a reusable is the gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps you have a friend relative who has thought about giving cloth menstrual pads a try, but yet to take the leap. Perfect gift I hear you say?!


Make the switch

A while back, I had never really heard of reusable menstrual products), until I saw a post about them in the Babipur Hangout. I was already very passionate about cloth nappies and to me it seemed like a natural move to start using cloth for myself. Well, I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’ve changed towards being a greener household. They are comfortable, absorbent and of course super pretty too!

It is becoming much more widely recognised, that disposable pads and tampons are not just terrible for the environment, but also pretty much one of the worst things you can put directly against porous and sensitive areas of your body. Many studies have found toxins, dioxins and carcinogens in tampons.

Bloom & Nora

I’m huge fan of Tots Bots, which you can read about here. When I heard that they were launching a sister brand of reusable cloth pads I was very excited to test them out! I was instantly impressed with both the quality and design. They soon became a firm favourite and I have been using them ever since so thought I would share a bit more about why I love them. Inspired by America feminist Amelia Bloomer who revolutionised women’s undergarments and was an advocate for practicality.

With Bloom & Nora, you can say ‘bye-bye’ to nasties and speak up as a consumer about what you want next to your private parts! All their pads are Oekotex certified which means no harmful chemicals. The end.

Ethically made in the UK, no nasties, comfy and stylish…whats not to love?!


Bloom are one of my all time favourite cloth pads. They are a great choice if you prefer natural fibres. With a super absorbent bamboo core they give great coverage for a heavier flow and I love the Maxi for security at night. The colours are super bright and vibrant and they are so soft against your skin.


  • More absorbent than disposable pads
  • Super soft, natural and absorbent bamboo interior
  • Waterproof exterior (underside of pad)
  • Stay-dry edges to stop leaks
  • Popper tabs to keep in place
  • Contoured slim fit

Nora are an excellent choice if you want fast drying pads and they stay dry core keeps you feeling really fresh. The prints are beautifully classic with a white inner that repels stains and pretty fresh floral prints on the outside.


  • More absorbent than disposable pads
  • Super soft, natural and absorbent bamboo interior
  • Stay dry interior – can also be used for stress incontinence
  • Stain repellent – easy to keep them just like new
  • Stay dry edges to prevent leaking
  • Popper tabs to keep in place
  • Quick drying
  • Contoured slim fit

Both styles of pads have a popper that fastens round your underwear. The binding around the edge gives a real feeling of security and they stay nicely in place even at night. When it comes to washing simply cold rinse to avoid setting in any stains then put in with your normal wash at 40 degrees. Give them a little stretch when they come out of the washing machine and line dry wherever possible. If you happen to use cloth nappies then you can throw them in the wash with those!

The gift Pack

Personally, I would love to receive anything reusable for Christmas and I think most of my family and friends know that I would (hint hint!). The Bloom & Nora gift packs are such a lovely gift for anyone who is already a fully fledged fluff fanatic or someone just wanting to give cloth a go. You can choose either Bloom or Nora, and if you like variety, you can have a mix of both! I think they are an absolute bargain at £19.99 too. The box contains:


2 x Mini Reusable Pad

2 x Nora Midi Reusable Pad

1 x Out & About Reusable Bag

I think they are an absolute bargain at £19.99 too!

As always I would love to hear what you think so drop me a comment below and tell me what you love about muff fluff!

Wishing you all a fluffy Christmas,

Heather x

The products in this post were provided by Bloom & Nora. All opinions are my own.

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