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Cloth Nappy Myths Busted!

Since starting out with cloth I have heard a plethora of wild and bizarre statements so I thought I would quash a few of the right here, right now.  The one true fact about cloth that can be a bit scary is that there is so much choice but really that’s like one of those ‘positive negatives’ that you have ready to wheel out at an interview, like ‘I’m a perfectionist’! I’ve used cloth for two children now and it’s easy, fun and gives you a sense of community with other cloth users, you wouldn’t hear that said about disposables now would you? If you are thinking of starting out with cloth or old hat, some of these may resonate with you.


Cloth nappies are difficult to wash

I picked this one first because it is a passion of mine to spread the word about easy wash routines. You will so often hear people talking about strip washing, bleaching, special laundry detergent and buckets full of smelly nappies. Nope. It’s really is super easy. In a nutshell, cold rinse, long wash and line dry if you can. That’s the abridged version but that’s pretty much it. If you start out with a good wash routine all will be well.


Your nappies will leak

Wrong again. In my experience disposables cannot contain newborn Poonami. It squirts up the back and boom, every time you need a change of outfit. Because of the elastic around the thighs and back waistband, cloth nappies contain the poo much more reliably than disposables. As for changing times, I change Eli’s nappy every 3-4 hours just as I would a disposable.


It costs a fortune

Ok, you got me on this one. With cute prints like the Tots Bots ones featured in this post it’s hard to not add to your stash when new ones are released. It’s generally acknowledged that if you stock up with an adequate supply of cloth nappies (around 25 for full time cloth) then you could save £££ compared to disposables. That’s even with the impact of washing on your household bills. If you are on a stricter budget, often two part system using a wrap and insert (like peanut wraps and pads) are a good economical option. If you go on to use your stash for future children you are definitely quids in!


It’s Gross

As someone once said to me. Sorry, have to disagree with you there. You know what is ‘gross’? A nappy sitting in landfill for 200-500 year. Waist should be channeled in the appropriate way, and poo should go down the loo! In the UK, over 8 disposable nappies are sent to landfill EVERY SINGLE DAY. There are lots of ways to removed waste from cloth nappies without ever having to get your hands dirty. I personally put mine under the water as the toilet flushes and never have an issue.


Wetness in cloth causes nappy rash

With my first son, Arthur we used cloth part time at certain points and he was always getting nappy rash in disposables. I have used cloth exclusively with Eli since about two weeks old and we NEVER get any sort of rash! If i’m ever worried about his skin I use the lovely Weleda nappy cream which is gentle and mild.


Cloth nappies with make your child bandy legged (wide gait) and delay development

Really? Is that the best you could come up with? Wrong again. My own personal experience is quite the contrary as is the experience of many other cloth bum mums. Modern cloth nappies are not bulky. We have a wide range of nappies and brands. All in one nappies like the Tots Bots easy fit stars are super easy to use and nice and trim so no bulky cloth between the legs. I give Eli nappy free time every day, just as I would do if he was wearing a disposable. There is absolutely no evidence that cloth nappies will cause any physical or developmental problems / delay.


Cloth nappies are hard work

Cloth nappies do indeed involve more thought. You probably need an extra wash every two to three days. But hey, to be honest the washing machine is permanently on in my house so it really makes no odds to me! You will never run out and its not a monthly expense you have to account for if you already have your stash and are on a tight household budget. If you follow me on social media, you will know I believe in being a conscious consumer and that we should give thought to all our purchases and speak out with your pennies. The slightly odd thing is, I actually love washing and folding my *ahem*, Eli’s cloth nappies 🙂


Cloth nappies are fun!


The nappies featured in this post are the brand new Tots Bots elements prints released today. You can get these prints in Easyfit star, Teenyfit, Peanut wraps, wet bags and happy mats too! If you want to know what I think of the easyfit star you can read my review here.

As always, I love to hear what you think and answer any questions so drop me a line…

The nappies in this post were provided by Tots Bots. All opinions are my own.


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