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Tots Bots: Something for everyone…

I’m a massive fan of Tots Bots and have been from the word go. I first discovered cloth nappies when I was pregnant with Arthur. Me and hubby were at the national baby show and stumbled across the Tots Bots stand. They were super helpful and we got so excited by the idea that we made the investment there and then in a birth to potty kit made up of factory seconds so it was an absolute bargain! It’s one of the best decisions we made as expectant parents and its now become part of family life.


Earlier in the year, Tots Bots released their new ‘playtime prints‘ which have proven to be real popular especially the Kaleidoscope print. So popular in fact they decided to release a wet bag and happy mat in the same print as limited edition! I love this print. Its bold, stylish and funky. We already have the nappy in the Easyfit Star and it’s gorgeous on the bum. If you are new to cloth or Tots Bots and want to know more about their Easyfit Star all in one nappy you can find my blog post here.


The happy mat is one of my go to parenting essentials. I have one in the ‘dazzle’ print and it has been one of the most useful things I have, both at home and out and about. The top layer is super fluffy and absorbent, the type of fabric you want to just stroke or rub on your cheek (ok maybe thats just me then). It has a padded core and the waterproof patterned underside. It rolls up really neatly with a little tie and packs into any change bag nicely. When Eli was little I also used to double it up as a play mat or for tummy time. I’ve since bought for lots of friends who equally love it. It would be in my top ten go to essentials for parents I think (yes I love it that much). Of course its not only for cloth bums but perfect for any baby regardless of what nappy system you choose, especially sensitive little bums.


I’m a bit of a wet bag fanatic, which probably goes hand in hand with being a crazy nappy lady. A bit like the happy mat, all parents (in fact all people) can make use of a wet bag. They are so multifunctional. We use ours for nappies and wipes (both clean and soiled), swim kits, wet clothes, beach stuff and food. Someone recently also told me they used it to protect their camera on the beach which I thought was an excellent idea! They feature a waterproof fabric and zip, and have a useful snap on handle that can be used for hanging in the house if you’re limited for space and don’t want a bucket, or can attach to your buggy.


I recently wrote a guest blog post for Tots Bots with my top tips for getting out and about with cloth nappies which you can find here.

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to hear your favourite go to nappy essentials…

Disclosure: The featured products were provided to facilitate this review but all opinions are honest and my own.


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