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Lanco Toys

I discovered Lanco relatively recently and have since acquired quite a few of their lovely things, so thought I’d share with you a bit about them. I am always interested to know something about how toys (or any other products) are produced before they reach our home to be loved. Lanco are a family run business from Barcelona, making latex toys since 1951. They make eco-friendly toys from 100% natural rubber produced from sustainable common rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) which is both natural and biodegradable. They ‘tap’ the sap from slits in the bark and collect it in cups – how cool is that?! Amazingly this process is carried out by hand, in fact the entire production process is by hand, from making moulds to decoration. Once moulded the latex is hand-painted with non-toxic lead free paint safe for our little ones to chew and mouth. Free from PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines, and Phthalates. I think my favourite ‘fact’ about the company is that 83% of their employees have been working with them for more than 20 years, which speak volumes to me.

The first Lanco toy we got was ‘Bo the frog‘. Arthur was never really much of a chewer, his teeth seemed to come with very little fuss! On the other hand, Eli is the total opposite and boy do we know it! He is constantly mouthing things, dribbling, chewing his fists, etc, so we wanted to find some new toys to help him through this phase. We had some wooden teethers, but when I saw Bo it looked completely different to other ones I had seen previously. He is a lovely vibrant green, squeaks and has a textured ring to hold. To be fair, the main reason I got him is because my nickname from childhood is ‘frogsy’ so I couldn’t resist! He was a massive hit with Eli. I really like the fact that the head section is soft (Eli likes to shove the whole thing in his mouth) but the ring handle is hard so great for chewing.


The next Lanco toys we got were the ‘Ocean Bath Set‘ which Eli was given for Christmas by his Auntie and Uncle. This contains a crab (Peepo), dolphin (Blue) and octopus (Jay). Best thing about these toys? NO HOLES! Yes, you heard me right…no horrible holes to fill up with mould that then gets squirted all over the place. Sounds too good to be true, right? I would recommend drying them off with a towel after use just to make sure mould doesn’t build up, but we’ve been loving them since Christmas with no problems. Its so nice to know that Eli can get in the bath and chew some toys without covering himself or his mouth with mould!



We gave Eli an ‘Ollie the Octopus‘ in his stocking at Christmas and I have to say I think this is my favourite one! I’m not even sure why to be honest. I just love the look on its  cheeky little face! It is a bath toy and it does have a hole so I squeeze it out good and proper at the end of bath time and we haven’t had any issues as yet. It is also a great teether and for playing in general. I do like a toy you can wipe down!



Babipur sent us three lovely toys to add to our collection; a sensory ball (pastel), Maggy the Snake and Hunter the Hedgehog. All three of these toys make fantastic sensory toys. I’ve added them all at different time to Eli’s treasure basket and he is fascinated with them. He uses the ball to crawl around on the floor rolling it in front of himself (who needs a flashing noisy crawl ball eh?!). I especially like Hunter, and so does Eli. He is so tactile and the perfect size to pop in my pocket when we are out and about and I want something to distract or amuse him. He is the perfect toy to complement a treasure basket. Maggy has a really interesting texture because of the scales, again making her perfect for our treasure basket rotation. The texture and feel also seems very appealing as Eli loves to mouth and squeak it.




We love our Lanco toys and I think they make great gifts. They aren’t necessarily something people have seen before and I like to get gifts that are interesting, different and eco-friendly. Priced between £6 and £13 also makes them nicely affordable and if you use the code ‘Buddy’ at Babipur you can get 10% off the price too.

The only problem is, our four legged friend has taken a shine to some of these toys so I think we will need to be ordering something from their pet range to keep our baby girl Bella happy!

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