Welcome to A ReUsable Life! I’m Heather, a full time mum to two boys, Arthur who is four years old and Eli who’s 16 months, Bella dog our working cocker and wife to Rob. We live in sunny West Sussex which, other than a short spell in London Town, has always been my home. I’ve I’ve recently returned to work as a Macmillan Nurse and with Arthur settling into his new school we are all trying to find our new routines.

I’m a natural born addict pumped with enthusiasm so when I get into something, I really get involved.  Which is where all this began. It started out just wanting to share my love  for cloth nappies and has grown from there. Increasingly over the last couple of years I have become much more environmentally aware, particularly when it comes to reusable products. Along the way I discovered the zero waste and we are making increasing efforts to reduce our household consumption, be mindful consumers and support others to make similar lifestyle changes thought my blog and social media. My love for all things cloth fits perfectly with my quest for a more sustainable lifestyle which I am learning about one day at a time. I don’t claim to be an expert but I’ve picked up a few things along the way and I love to talk all things fluffy and lovely so give me a shout.

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