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In Focus: Milovia

The Brand

Milovia are a Polish company that have an ever rapidly growing fan base in the UK over the past three or so years since they started out in 2013. They sell a range of beautiful and functional fluffy goodness. I have been a fan ever since I came across their brand but in the last six months or so have really fallen in love with them. I have a big range of their pocket nappies and these are a firm favourite with both me and my husband (queue shouting “where are the Milovia honey” in the background). This month we’ve been trying out their wrap system and so thought i’d share a bit about how we got on!

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  • One Size – birth to potty (9-35lbs)
  • The outer fabric is the waterproof,  PUL fabric with a micro fleece section at each end to protect babies skin
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used 2-3 times with only a change of insert if wrap clean
  • Snap closure and rise setting
  • Can use with a variety of inserts, boosters or fitted nappies of all sizes
  • Super fast drying times
  • Bright, vibrant patterns

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The Nappy System

This is a nappy wrap system. For those of your not familiar with these terms it simply means it is a waterproof cover that you can use an insert with or alternatively use a fitted nappy (like a bamboozle) underneath. You can opt for the Milovia microfleece inserts which come in small, medium and large and have their own lovely fleecy top layer than can go directly next to babies skin (and is the softest thing you have ever seen!). You can also use a muslin, prefold or a terry square as you would with any other wrap. This makes it a really versatile and affordable system as you can reuse the wraps and choose boosters / inserts to suits your budget and preference. You buy as just a wrap which is great as you can genuinely choose whatever inserts you fancy.

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Absorbency is excellent if you use the Milovia micro fleece inserts, I never have an issue with leaks. I usually change routinely ever 3-4 hours in the day and this seems to work well with no wicking (leaks around the leg fabric).

This wrap is a birth to potty and it does therefore what it says on the proverbial tin. I would say that it is not as generous in sizing as some other nappy wraps on the market so if you have a real chubby thighed baby it may not hold out as long as alternatives. However, saying that, Eli is 16 months / 20lbs and on the middle rise snaps with no signs of needing to go up any time soon. They have an excellent fit around his legs and I never have any issues with marking on the thighs / tummy. The waist and rise snaps are easy to use and not fiddly like some brands I’ve come across. If you’ve followed me for a while you will know my love for poppers!

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I use these wraps over a fitted nappy at night such as a bamboozle and they are super comfy and have no issues with leaks. I have also used with a large and medium insert and that works just as well.

The prints are some of the most vibrant and colourful I’ve seen and they are really popular. The print featured is ‘noisy animals’ and I love the funky pattern on white background. In my experience they also hold their value very well so when you come to a point of not needing nappies any more *sobs* then you know you will get a good return on your investment. These wraps retail at around £14.50 and inserts are £3-4 depending on size. Of course you can pick up terry squares or muslins super cheap!

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Caring for your nappy

You will hear lots of wild ideas about how to wash your nappies, but let me tell you, it really is very simple! If you start well with a good wash routine you will be fine and unlikely to encounter any issues. Here is what I would recommend:

  • Always wash your nappy before first use
  • Keep nappies in a bucket for a maximum of three days (no need to soak)
  • Put in washing machine and place washing powder in a separate drawer (not in the drum with your nappies)
  • Avoid fabric softener, baking soda, vinegar and optical brightness (I use persil non bio and live in a hard water area)
  • I add a scoop of violets mineral bleach but that is purely preference
  • Wash on a cold rinse first
  • Set to a longish cycle, I use the cotton one which is about 2 hours (avoid eco cycle as this does not use enough water to get your nappies clean and rinsed)
  • Wraps should only be line dried or on an airer but other nappies can be tumbled on low

Voila! It really is simple.

  • Really versatile system
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to transport / use on days out / holidays
  • Amazing prints
  • Easy popper system
  • Excellent fit around the leg
  • Can be used for both day and night
  • Super fast drying time
  • Only available in popper so not for any velcro lovers out there (poppers really are amazing!)
  • Slightly smaller than other wraps on the market so not ideal for really chunky bubs
  • Made from microfibre / fleece so not suitable if your preference is natural fibre
Other lovely Things

Milovia also make matching blankets and pillows which are also super cute. I’ve got the matching blanket and lion pillow and they look gorgeous in my boys animal themed bedroom. The inside of the blanket is a thick terry cloth with lovely soft fabric on the outside. I use it for a bedspread but the boys like to tuck up underneath it for stories at night too. It doesn’t have a waterproof layer but we still use it for a picnic blanket when out and about. We were at an outdoor performance of Wind in the Willows the other day and I lost count of the amount of people that tapped me on the shoulder to ask where to buy one! I love things that have multiple functions but are also really beautiful and this fits the bill nicely.

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And the dog…

Well it seems Bella is giving it the seal of approval! So the only issue is how to get her to give it up…


I love talking all things cloth and fluffy so do get in touch if with your questions…

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The products in these photos were provided by Milovia in exchange for review but all opinions are honest and my own 

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