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In Focus: Baba + Boo

The Brand

Baba + Boo are are the creation of ‘accidental business woman’ Eve who started out in 2009 on a mission to make the planet a fluffier place. She is an absolute delight to deal with. You will know if you have spoken to her for any reason, that she really cares about the planet, her customers and your babies. Eve made the decision not to go back to work after having her two babies, so with her passion for cloth nappies and living a greener life this company was born. Personally, I am totally inspired by women like Eve. There is many a day when I think of alternative careers that would fit in better with family life but I’m not sure i’d ever have the guts to do it! So high five to you lovely mama.

  • Pocket nappy (outer shell that requires inserts)
  • One size (from 10lb to potty)
  • Popper closure
  • Bamboo + cotton inserts
  • Microfleece lining next to babies skin which wicks away moisture direct to inserts
  • Inserts made with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton

Chestnut Tree House

The nappy

This is a pocket nappy. For those of you that are not seasoned cloth nappy users, this  simply means you have a shell outer made of PUL (the waterproof layer) attached to a microfleece inner layer that has an opening at the back to insert your booster(s).

Chestnut Tree House

The nappy comes with two boosters made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, they are generously sized (15 x 35cm) and very absorbent.  The nappy feels nice and squishy and Eli certainly seems comfortable. As with all pocket nappies it is slightly more bulky than some slim all in ones but this certainly hasn’t been an issue. Absorbency is great, I usually use both inserts and easily been getting 3-4 hours in between changes with no wicking (leakage onto the leg fabric) or leaks.

Chestnut Tree House

This nappy is a birth to potty system which grows with your baby (10-36lb) and I would say the sizing is generous. The snaps on the front can be ‘snapped down’ to adjust the size according to the fit of your baby. On Eli I use the middle snap and this is more than generous for his size. The fastening is also a popper system where you can adjust the size of the waistband to suit your baby also. I used to love velcro when I was first starting out in cloth but actually I’ve really grown to prefer poppers and they are equally as flexible.

Chestnut Tree House

Chestnut Tree House

One feature I particular love is a gusset within the microfibre inner layer. This helps create a barrier to any possible poonami incidents. I am a massive fan of gussets!

Chestnut Tree House

There are some really cute prints available, my favourite currently is ‘Elf Town’! This nappy retails at £12.95 which is an excellent price point for the quality of the nappy. They are available from Babi Pur from this week in Elf town, Woodland friends, Toadstool and Moonshine and you can use the code ‘Buddy’ for a cheeky 10% off!

Chestnut Tree House

Caring for your nappy

First thing I will say is never stress or worry about washing nappies, it really is very simple. The best way is to have a good wash routine from the start and you shouldn’t run into any issues. Here is what Baba + Boo recommend:

  • Prewash your nappies a couple of times before using them at 40’C and dry in between washes to boost the absorbency of your inserts
  • Rinse nappies on a cold wash before washing at 40’C without fabric conditioner, regular bleach or stain removers which can harm them. Whenever possible, line-dry your nappies – they can be tumble dried on a low setting.
  • If using a barrier cream on your baby, use a liner.

Its as simple as all that! Personally my wash routine for all my nappies is; cold rinse, full cotton wash at 60 degrees (usually 2-3 hours) and sometimes a final cold rinse. I use a full dose of detergent as I live in a hard water area and a scoop of miofresh. I line dry where possible but if the weather isn’t being kind to me I dry on an airier indoors and finish off in the tumble. This is what I have found works well for us but please be aware that deviation from the manufacturers guidance may invalidate your warranty.

Chestnut Tree House

  • Easy to use
  • Generous sizing
  • Double gusset
  • Good absorbency
  • Cute prints
  • Not too much prep and can be tumble dried
  • Excellent price point (especially with the Babi Pur code)
  • Some people to not like microfibre against babies skin and prefer natural materials
  • Only comes in poppers so if you prefer velcro these may not be for you
  • Limited prints, although they do bring new ones out on a regular basis
  • Only available in pocket style nappy (newborn and birth to potty)

We have also been trying out one of their fab wet bags, which are really generously sized and we’ve got on really well with them. I can’t wait to go camping as it is going to be perfect for that!

Chestnut Tree HouseChestnut Tree House

Eli is 11 months old and weighs 18lbs. The nappies were provided in exchange for review but all opinions are truthful and my own.




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