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Mother’s Day Eco Craft: Daffodil Bunting

If your child is anything like Arthur, their attention span for crafting will be similar to that of a small fish. I used to find this incredibly frustrating, but now I try to find activities that either hold his interest, or are broken down in bite sized messy chunks. If I try to provide too much (well actually, any) structure the whole thing quickly dissolves lots of stropping (mostly me) and then quickly, boom, it’s all over. I try to allow him as much freedom to explore the activity and make it his own as possible, but I will admit, this doesn’t always come naturally to me. Count to ten…repeat. I hear you say ‘why bother’? Selfishly, because I love craft and I want to share that with him and if it’s on his ‘terms’ we all get along fine. Craft is also a perfect opportunity to use up old bits and bobs, like the card and egg boxes in this project.

This is the perfect craft activity for a boy (or girl) like Arthur. You can break it down into easy sections, it can pretty much all be done independently and they will feel a great sense of achievement seeing it hanging on the wall. It’s pretty simples, but…

  • Grab some large sheets of white card. I either reuse card or I buy recycled from Eco Craft who have an amazing range of stuff to choose from. Paint the whole card yellow – perfect for Arthur as it requires no instruction and he can use big heavy strokes, which he is comfortable with (I only gave yellow paint or else everything would turn into a muddy mess). Leave to dry.
  • Cut out sections of egg boxes, use both pointy and round bits and paint these orange. Leave to dry. I saved the top flat sections for making easter baskets.
  • Draw random petal shapes on the painted card and cut out. Depending on the age of your child they may need help with this bit! I prefer random shapes as that reflects nature best.
  • Stick orange egg box sections onto yellow petals using glue.
  • Attach to twine with sticky tape.
  • Hang up somewhere and admire all the pretty!

It’s as simple as that! Because of the way this craft was broken down, Arthur and I really enjoyed it together. A proper mothers day treat 🙂

I’d love to hear how yours turn out!

This activity was inspired by Nurture Store.

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