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New Name: Same Old Me!

First of all, I’m a scatty, indecisive person so this was bound to happen at some point! Since starting my Instagram and little blog I had a niggling feeling that the name wasn’t right for me. Initially I was using the tag line ‘A Reusable Life’, but as time went on I really felt that actually this would be a more appropriate name for my blog. Cloth nappies have been, and will continue to be a main interest for me, but over time I’ve been thinking more about the other reusable and sustainable aspects of our lives that have evolved in the last year or so. I really enjoy sharing ideas that I have come across to cut down on waste and plastics, not just reusable nappies.

I feel really excited that I finally made the decision to do this and I hope you continue to follow along with me on this journey of ‘My ReUsable Life’!


Heather xx



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