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Playtime From Tots Bots Is Here!

I am super excited about the release of the Playtime Prints from Tots Bots! Today I’m sharing with you three of the new prints; Kaleidoscope, Parumpapum and Rattle & Roll in Easyfit Star. If you follow my Instagram page you will know only too well my love for cloth nappies and especially all the gorgeous prints. In the last few years nappies have not only improved in functionality dramatically but become a really fashion item. Practical and beautiful, what more could you want for your baby’s bum?! I love all the Tots Bots prints from over the years, but the new Playtime collection brings something totally different. I have to say, they have surpassed themselves and they might be my favourite yet. Their fun and funky themes of play have a really retro feel which is right up my street and gives a real sense of nostalgia. They really are prints that you have to see in real life because they are just so gorgeous. Want to know more about what I think of the Easy fit star? Read it here.

So here they are! First up is Kaleidoscope, a geometric, multi-coloured print in hook & loop with blue poppers. It is striking and bold and the colours are just perfect…




Second up is Parumpapum, a retro feel print with children playing vintage style instruments in red hook & loop/poppers. I really love all the other bright and bold prints, but this one is really special and makes my vintage heart sing…




And finally is Rattle & Roll, another vintage look print with rattles and stackers with black hook & loop/poppers. Eli is also here playing with his Grimms stacker from Babipur which is his absolute favourite toy at the moment…




Also being released today are Choo Choo, a wooden train print with red hook and loop/poppers and Robobots with black hook & loop/poppers. I will be buying these today and adding more pictures once they arrive! The Easyfit Star retails at £17.99 and these prints are also available in Teenyfit Star and Peanut nappies.

These nappies were provided to me for the launch but all pictures and opinions are my own.

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