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In Focus: Tickle Tots 2’s

The Brand

Tickle Tots nappies are the inspired creation of the lovely Sophia from Little Fox Designs. She is a mother of two in cloth, committed to producing quality products that are environmentally sustainable whilst ensuring sound ethical standards. They believe in the principles of reducing carbon footprints, so you notice their packaging is simple yet stylish and recycled too. They are committed to sustainability and for every 1000 nappies sold a native UK tree is planted. These principles fit nicely with our mission to becoming a more environmentally friendly household.

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  • Two part system
  • Breathable PUL outer layer
  • Pop in boosters
  • Up to seven layers of bamboo fleece (when boosted)
  • Rise adjusted by poppers
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Double gusset,h_560,al_c/45d01b_724753eee63644738c881c222568fa7e~mv2.png

*Image taken from Tickle Tots
The Nappy

I’m a big fan of the Tickle Tots Original (an all in one) and have been using them for some time. I was really keen to try out the new Tickle Tot 2 when it was released as I quickly started hearing how great they were for absorbency, fit and also night time use. I already owned Blue Whales and Perfect Puddles in the original style and was very pleased to get my hands on the latest print, Busy Bees, which is just gorgeous.

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As a two part system you essentially get two parts to each nappy, the outer PUL part (the  waterproof wrap) and the booster(s). This means that if the inserts / boosters are only wet not soiled the outer wrap can be used again, usually only twice. This makes it an economical option as you can just buy additional boosters rather than an entire nappy. I also like to use two part systems such as this when I am out for the day, or holidaying somewhere with restricted washing facilities such as camping.

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The shell (or wrap) is made from a double layer of breathable waterproof fabric (PUL). The nappy comes with two boosters. The main booster has four layers of bamboo fleece with a luscious soft suede cloth layer that sits against the skin. It features an open centre to aid faster drying times. There is an additional booster with three layers of bamboo fleece and again topped with suede. So a whopping seven layers of bamboo when using both inserts! Thats an amazing amount of absorbency given what a slim fit the nappy has. We have been easily getting three hours in the day (or more but I usually change around that amount of time). Having always used the same nappy system at night and not really keen to deviate from that, I’m a little shocked to say that they did the job on the night shift too! So that’s an amazing 12-13 hours with no leaks overnight and the little man seemed pretty comfortable, which I’m delighted about.

The nappy is designed to fit birth to potty so it needs adjusting to the size of your baby / toddler. The front snap fastenings adjust depending on the size of your little one. I used the middle snaps on my son who is 8 months old and as you can see, reasonably chunky around the thighs. That reassures me that there is plenty of room to grow  in the future. The waist adjustment is hook and loop (velcro) which is so simple to use. It has a lovely wide band of velcro across the middle, which is fantastic as again I know this will last us much longer. I also found the velcro super sticky which is great for those cheeky monkeys that like to undo their nappies! There are ‘fold back’ laundry tabs which is a great feature and a must to maintain the health of your nappy stash.

My favourite feature is the double gusset! You don’t see this on many nappies and to me it is so important. It is really what makes a ‘bombproof’ nappy and protects explosion during a poonami! This is especially important with babies of pre-weaning age. Im pleased to say we had no leaks at all on these nappies. They really do the job very well.

Of course the gorgeous prints are a selling point and as the company grows so will all those pretty prints! This nappy retails at £17.95 and is available from Babipur (use the code ‘Buddy’ for a cheeky 10% off!).

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Caring for your nappy

First thing I will say is never stress or worry about washing nappies, it really is very simple. The best way is to have a good wash routine from the start and you shouldn’t run into any issues. Here is what Tickle Tots recommend:

  • Wash at 40°C (I always wash at 60°C as I’ve personally found that to be the most effective)
  • Cool Tumble (perfect for the winter months)
  • Do not Iron or use Bleach
  • Do not use softener
  • Wash once before use
  • Hanging your nappies on the washing line on a sunny day will help remove any nasty pooh stains! (I can’t recommend this enough)
  • Turn the nappy inside out after washing, before drying, to speed up drying time
  • Super absorbent
  • Easy to use, ideal if you are new to cloth and want to try two part system
  • Double gusset
  • Reasonable drying time (15 hours if dried indoors)
  • Cute prints
  • Only requires one wash to prep
  • Not yet available in poppers
  • Would like to see more prints in the future (cos I’m an addict!)

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One of these nappies was gifted to me to facilitate the review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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