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Indie Project Store: Mindful Consumerism

Have you heard about the Indie Project Store? When I linked up with Shilpi on Instagram we hit it off immediately. The Indie Project aims to ‘bring unusual choices of products to thoughtful consumers’. So, what does that mean? Basically it’s a small idea with a massive conscience. They work with small businesses, independent artisans, work to reduce plastic consumption, promote fair trade and sustainability whilst creating a greener footprint. They give opportunity where perhaps otherwise it may not be possible. They believe that by being more mindful about how we ‘consume’ can impact on our surroundings, community and ecosystem which is something I have been giving a lot of thought to lately.

If you connect with Shilpi and The Indie Project via Facebook or Instagram you will immediately recognise what a huge contribution she makes. Her posts are incredibly positive and inspiring. So when you engage with this project, you not only make steps toward the ‘mindful consumerism’ they refer to, but it will make your day feel a bit more positive. I love seeing her posts and they give me a massive dose of happy. Sounds too good to be true? No such thing.

When I saw the ‘Tring Tring’ shirt on her Instagram page, I loved it immediately. In fact, I love it all! When it arrived I was really impressed with the quality and style and put it on Eli immediately. It is modelled on the idea of a modern and accessible ‘Kurta’ and has a double layered sleeve. Made from 100% natural dyed pure cotton and the pattern is so funky! It has black flannel sleeves for extra warmth.


Chestnut Tree House

It goes perfectly with some of my monochrome Bumgenius too!

Chestnut Tree House

So if you haven’t come across Indie Project before and you are interested in clothing that doesn’t ‘cost the earth’ or you just want to connect with like-minded people, then check them out.


The girls stuff is pretty awsome too…

Flowery peplum top with puritan collar and 3/4 elasticised gathered sleeves made from embroidery eyelet cotton fabric.

Skater skirt with loads of gathers made from Dastakar handloom cotton and Kalamkari fabric.

Please note the shirt was gifted to me to facilitate the review but all opinions are my own.

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